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At all competitions, this applies.

  • All amateurs can participate with the Max of HCP 36.

  • Higher HCP you play at 36.

  • If you are under 18 years of age, you can compete. BUT if you win, you must bring a parent to the world finals, but the parent must pay for travel and accommodation yourself. (but we are happy to help and book everything)

  • If you want to bring a relative, contact us and we will sort it out for you

  • After registration, you could be asked to send a copy of your HCP - proof so that we can have the opportunity to control all participants and winners.

  • Race to No:1 has the right to disqualify or bann a participant as we discover, have cheated. (The starting fee is not repaid) and possibly price goes to the next person in the results list.

  • Race to No:1 has the right by law (Force Major) to cancle finals and games in case of disasters, pandemies etc. and do not need to repay registration fees or profits.

  • This also applies if a hotel/facility should go bankrupt (This is completely outside Race to NO:1)

  • As much as possible, the world finals will be moved to future years and then the winners from the previous year will also be able to participate and compete for the prize

  • When you participate in this tournament it is very important to us, that everyone have fun and compete with the right intentions. Therefore, all kinds of cheating strictly forbidden.

  • Race to No:1 reserves the right to disqualify players if there is the slightest suspicion of cheating in general, or if anyone is believed to be in breach of the Official Rules. This includes, but is not limited to, identity theft (including playing under another player's Trackman account). In addition, you may only create and use one account when participating in Race to No:1's competitions.

  • All results will be tracked, and we encourage you that you win with pride and lose with dignity.

  • All amateur golfers have the opportunity to participate and play in all Trackman simulators around the world.

  • You sign up to the country where you live on the website "" and after payment, it is sent an invitation link to your email and you can participate in the contest.

  • You can play the competition in Trackman Simulator at anytime.

  • INDOOR GOLF CHALLENGE will take place in a Trackman Simulator anywhere on earth. However, participants must have a Trackman profile.

  • Once the players are logged in with their trackman profile in the simulator, you can choose the competition you have been invited to, and from here you can join in and start the tournament.


  • Will be implemented as an individual tournament over 72 holes.

  • An indoor tournament is exactly the same as a Outdoor tournament. The same rules apply.

  • The competition can only be played in a Trackman simulator.

  • You compete against other players and will be visible on the scoreboard.

  • Your score on the scoreboard will be updated after each prepared round.

  • You have to finish the competition within it defined the time for the start and end time of the competition as well as start- and end date.

  • The competition rounds can be played on the same day, but must implemented in the correct order.

  • You have ONLY 1 chance to play the course after you start the tornament.

  • Minimum number of participants 20st / group / country.

  • Maximum number of participants is unlimited.

  • If less than 20 participants sign up in a group / country the players will be moved to the closest group/ country and play against those players.

  • Start date 2’nd March – End date 20’th May

Rules for putting

Manual putting, "gimmi" distance: 2.4 m

What are the tie rules in StrokePlay (Net) tournament

When two or more players are tied, the leaderboard will automaticlly use the rules below to detrmine player position.

  1. Low score on last hole (net)

  2. Low round score (net)

  3. Low handicap

  4. Lowest back 9 score (net)

  5. Low score on last 6 holes (net)

  6. Low score on last 3 holes (net)

  7. Lowest front 9 score (net)

  8. Low score on holes 4-9 (net)

  9. Low score on holes 7-9 (net

  10. Low score on hole 9 (net)

  11. The prize is shared


  • Sign up 

  • In sweden you can pay by Swish or here, scan the Qr-cod at the golfclub. Member or quest

  • In al other countries you have to sign up and make the payment on this website

Vistaflor HIO Challenge 2023

  • Everyone that sign up and make a HIO from 1st April to 17th September 2023, (al rounds counts) on some of the Golfclubs that we are working with will be invited to the last club turnament in September.

  • You'll find the golfclubs on the page "HIO Challenge".

  • You will be invited to the club where you made the HIO.

  • When you have made a HIO you give the club a notice about it and send us an email with information (below) so we can send you an invitation to the final..

  • Name, Hole, Golfclub

  • In the final you will hit 1 shot on one of the par 3holes (Selected by the club) 

  • HIO or nearest to the pin WIN 1st Prize

  • Al the other participants will also have prize

  • Same prize on al golfclubs


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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